​​Our Mission

Why Orka Solutions exists is as important as what we do. We are strong believers in and advocates for the entrepreneurial spirit. Our economy was founded on and fueled by the creation and growth of small businesses, entrepreneurs who took big risks to bring their ideas to market. At Orka, we exist to help these entrepreneurs reach the next level of success, whether they be a startup or a seasoned business. 

Our Values

Team: We're at our best when we're working with a strong, aligned team towards a common aspiration

Purpose: Whatever we do, it has to be meaningful. Life is too short to waste time

Execution: Without execution, a plan is just a dream. Without execution, we fail

Humility: ​Each of us brings strengths and weaknesses. As a team, we amplify our strengths and minimize weakness

Orca whales, commonly known as “killer whales” because of  their highly effective hunting capabilities, are among the most socially sophisticated and team-driven animals on earth. Orcas work together in cooperative communities called “pods”, using precise communications and synchronized behaviors to ensure their entire pods thrive.

What does this have to do with us? Our belief is for any team to thrive, communication, cooperation and alignment around shared values and goals are critical. We embrace the model these amazing animals provide, as trust, communication, and alignment are key to driving our and our client’s success. Plus, to be honest, they're just really cool. 

our team

Proven Financial, Strategic and Operational Expertise to augment and extend your team

John Amrhein

John is a multi-faceted strategic business executive with experience and accomplishments across multiple functional areas, industries and business sizes. Areas of expertise include Business Strategy, 
Strategic Growth, Customer Engagement, Sales Enablement, Sales Process, and Financial Leadership.

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John Lallo

John Lallo, CPA is a senior executive with experience concentrated in finance, accounting, operations and information technology.  Areas of expertise include Financial Leadership and Operations, Business Operations Integration, Growth and Expansion Strategies, and Strategic Investments & Alliances.

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Mike Ramirez
Mike Ramirez brings senior executive leadership experience in the areas of Human Resources, Sales, Purchasing and Operations. Beyond these functional areas, Mike's areas of interest and expertise include Leadership, Organizational Design and Alignment, Employee Engagement, and Talent Attraction, Retention and Development.

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Laura AmRhein

Laura AmRhein brings a wealth of experience in sales and marketing strategy and execution. Areas of expertise include Marketing Strategy, Brand Development and Positioning, Demand Generation, Sales Enablement, and Competitive Analysis and Positioning.

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Our values

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